Announcing a unique opportunity for friends of A Woman’s Paris®. Expand your art collection with memorable places in Paris.

Original Watercolor Paintings of Paris by Barbara Redmond are available for purchase at $50.00 U.S. dollars. For further information: Contact Barbara Redmond at 1 (612) 669-1331 or Design@BarbaraRedmond.com.

Printed on 100 percent cotton archival paper. Each print is signed and dated. Image size 8.5×11″; paper size 11×14″. Artwork is subject to availability. Additional costs for shipping. © Barbara Redmond. All rights reserved.



Paris by Barbara Redmond


2010-1er_Pont du Carrousel-WM cropped 366x283


Pont du Carrousel #2010


2009-Paris-WM cropped 366x283







Paris #2009


2017-1er_Place Colett-WM cropped 366x283






Place Colette #2017 (sold out)

2011-1er_Musee du Louvre-Gates-WM cropped 366x283








Musée du Louvre #2011


2013-1er_Place Vendome-WM cropped 366x283






Place Vendôme #2013


2014-1er_Rue St Honore-WM cropped 366x283







Rue Saint-Honoré #2014


2012-1er_Rue de Rivoli-West-WM cropped 366x283






Rue de Rivoli #2012


2006-1er_Chanel Apt-Ritz-WM cropped 366x283







Chanel Apartment #2006 (sold out)







2015-1er_Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel-WM cropped 283x366
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel #2015









2016-1er_Jardin des Tuileries-WM cropped 283x366
Jardin des Tuileries #2016









2028-1er_Angelina-Interior-WM cropped 283x366
Angelina #2028 (sold out)









2030-1er_Cafe Marly-WM cropped 283x366
Café Marly #2030









2022-1er_Ritz-Espadon_WM cropped 283x366
Ritz L’Espadon #2020 (sold out)









2002-1er_Chanel Boutique-WM cropped 283x366
Chanel, Rue Cambon #2002 (sold out)









2029-1er_Didier Ludot-Exterior-WM cropped 283x366
Little Black Dress #2029 (sold out)









2018-1er_Palais Royal-WM cropped 283x366
Palais Royal #2018









Menton #7_0001 no sig cropped 283x366


French Riviera #0001









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