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Paris from the Heart is an engaging travel guide to ultimate of walking tours in the City of Light. Some people get involved in beauty—touching, feeling, possessing, and owning. Others are simply lookers. Creative beauty has always been the legacy of Paris. For centuries it has attracted legions of famous artists, writers, playwrights, fashion designers, poets, and chefs—creativity lives in the walls of this old city.

The sheer size of Paris is enough to intimidate many travels into going to the popular tourist sites and claiming they’ve seen Paris. In Paris from the Heart, travellers are offered an opportunity to discover the compelling intimacy of the small ancient neighborhoods along with the tourist attractions. Take the guesswork, research, and planning out of your Paris holiday! The six volumes include eight step-by-step walking tours, historical and modern facts, route and sight descriptions, dining suggestions, maps, photos, and journal spaces to provide you with the most enviably dazzling, effortless, and comprehensive Parisian adventure. When you wake up in Paris, simply choose a tour the its your fancy, grab the corresponding booklet, and enjoy being mesmerized! With Paris from the Heart: Ultimate Walking Tours to Fun, Fashion, and Freedom, absorb the sights, sounds, and ultimately, the soul of this most spectacular city. To learn more about Paris from the Heart: Ultimate Walking Tours to Fun, Fashion, and Freedom and Paris from the Heart Walking Tours (2015) visit: (Website) ( (Amazon)

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Excerpt from Paris from the Heart by Jan Dolphin: The Left Bank: La Rive Gauche and the Land of Plenty.

Excerpt from Paris from the heart by Jan Dolphin: The World of Aristocratic Paris.

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