By Bénédicte Mahé

Girl Purse #1a signed croppedBefore tapping into the subject, let me begin by telling you a sad—if subjective—fact: you will never find as good of a hairdresser in Paris as the one you go to in the United States. Hair in North America is a serious affair. I may have already told you in a previous article that for us (French people), Americans have perfect teeth, make up and hair. Therefore, finding your hairdresser in Paris will not be impossible, but it will be difficult to find one you are satisfied with.

Hair is important to a woman, wherever she is from (yes, I am stating the obvious here and not reinventing the wheel). Short or long, straight or curly, dyed or natural, hair is such a part of you that I could write and talk about it all day long. But I need to get to the point eventually so I will try not to digress right away. Continue reading »