Libre de droits Margareth Henriquez_President at the House of Krug - Event AttitudeMargareth Henriquez, President and CEO of Champagne Krug, has spent more than two decades of her professional career as the President and/or CEO of multinational companies in Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, and now in France. In 1991, she was appointed as president of what would become the Venezuelan arm of Seagram’s, at the time a large importer and local producer of wines and spirits. Moët Hennessy came calling and Margareth took charge of all their brands in Argentina, which led to her being offered her current position at the House of Krug in October 2008. A Harvard graduate, Margareth was brought on board at Champagne Krug to share with the world the vision of ultimate luxury. She is responsible for defining and maintaining the sophistication of the House of Krug.

“Real luxury is always in front, is always the trend, so luxury can never be at the behest of what is increasingly demanding. It goes the opposite way—real luxury creates demand. Luxury will always be leading the way. It demands more than innovation and quality, yes. Luxury is the result of an emotional connection with the brand that comes from the way a brand behaves.”—Margareth Henriquez, Wine Vision.

CLos du mesnilThe House of Krug illustrates the amazing adventure of a visionary, Joseph Krug, a determined man with an uncompromising philosophy, who understood that the essence of Champagne is pleasure itself. He wanted to offer his clients the ultimate pleasure experience in Champagne every year, regardless of the annual changes in climate. Joseph Krug founded the first and only House with Champagnes that are all of equal, undisputed quality and distinction.

In 1848, with his son still too young to take over the Champagne House, Joseph Krug consigned the founding principles of the House for posterity in a deep cherry-red notebook. This notebook symbolizes the act of recollection, but above all it represents the generous legacy made by a visionary to his family and to Champagne itself. It is a unique token that is now presented to guests at Krug’s historic home in rue Coquebert, Reims.

Krug is the only House to offer five Prestige Cuvêes that are all different, while also remaining equal and undisputed in quality and distinction. Each Cuvee conveys a particular interpretation of nature, offering an inimitable experience the moment it is tasted, overwhelming the senses with exceptional pleasure.

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Champagne Krug 
5 Rue Coquebert
51100 Reims, France
Tél: +33 3 26 84 44 20

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