By Elyse Rozina

8Individual_MKozlowski_If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would be slowly walking through the Marais on my way to ObLaDi Café. I would be peeking in the windows at the perfect clothes that I can’t afford and admiring the beautiful architecture, the old buildings and the small winding streets. I would walk in the door, greet the happy, over-caffeinated man behind the counter and slowly sip my café crème as I alternated between reading my latest book and listening to him belt out Devendra Banhart songs, filling the beautiful space with silly energetic joy.

As the hours went by, the ever-growing rumbling in my stomach would remind me that I didn’t yet have dinner plans. Still happily glued to my spot at ObLaDi, I would send out multiple texts, recruiting people for a dinner picnic in the 10th arrondissement along the Canal Saint Martin. I would watch the gorgeous people pass by the window as I waited for responses of “I’ll bring the brie and goat cheese,” “I have tomatoes and raspberries,” “I’ve got the chocolate!” Continue reading »