A Woman Who Loves Paris

A Woman’s Paris® is about the French aesthetic in elegance and culture.

I travel to Paris every chance I get and have learned a lot along the way. I’ve gone alone, I’ve gone with a single companion, I’ve gone with family. I’ve stayed in hotels and apartments, shopped in boutiques and markets, walked miles, made friends, eaten all kinds of foods in all kinds of venues, visited busy tourist sites and made personal pilgrimages to obscure places.

I collect art and adore French fashion. I have never seen an Hermès scarf I didn’t like and believe in serendipity, since I once found the perfect Chanel accessory in the dust of a Paris street.

At A Woman’s Paris® we want to share what we have discovered with others who love Paris and France whether they are planning a holiday or just want to enjoy their memories of Paris and France at home through our publication, Paris-themed products and fine art prints.

Barbara Redmond