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By Bénédicte Mahé

(French) After the long winter we had to face (I’m not complaining, I love winter), what is more enjoyable than to be back in the sun? I need to confess that I often feel conflicted about Paris. I love the architecture, the food, the culture, but sometimes it is just too crowded, and there are too many pigeons… However, last Thursday, the forecast temperatures reflected a bit of summer that we had been missing. And so, a friend offered to host a picnic near the Seine for her birthday. We were not the only ones who had thought about this, considering the beautiful day, and after much difficulty I met my friends, finding them among the numerous groups of people gathered along the Seine.

How to describe this evening? On one side, I think the length would almost be sufficient to give you an idea: we stayed from 7 p.m. to half past midnight! We were at ease, it was warm, we were chatting, and we were laughing—nobody wanted to go home. On the other side, when picnicking we obviously had to have delicious food to enjoy: radishes, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, Tzatziki, hummus, French baguette, a few crackers and also cider, rosé wine, beer… In addition, I baked a chocolate cake since we were celebrating a birthday. Nothing too complicated, but very fresh to nibble heartily. All around us, the mood was joyful, the people were friendly (boy, do we know that that is rare in Paris!), and it seemed that all of Paris had met to enjoy the return to nicer days.

Around 10 p.m., some musicians settled next to us and started playing the saxophone and the guitar—it was as if we were suddenly in a Woody Allen movie: on the docks with Notre Dame and the Hôtel de Ville in the background, waving at tourists in bateaux-mouches. It was exactly at that moment that I had the impression of getting closer to the feeling foreigners must have when they discover Paris for the first time; as if I was finally able to see the city through their eyes. I know now that my summer will not be very difficult to survive!

So if you are in Paris and the weather is sunny and warm, do not hesitate and plan a picnic!

Bénédicte Mahé photo - cropped DuplicateBénédicte Mahé has studied abroad many times, speaks four languages and earned a Master of Management of cultural goods and activities, as well as a Master’s degree in intercultural communications and cooperation. She works in communication and international projects management. Among her interests are drinking tea, cooking (with or without success), reading, traveling, and—of course—shopping. She started her blog Tribulations Bretonnes in 2010 and has been updating it (more or less regularly) since then.

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